Workshop Series

The Path of the Lovable Leader

Workshop Overview

This workshop series is designed for new and emerging leaders. It is built to inspire and guide all those who aspire to be the type of leader that people will move mountains to follow, who want to live their purpose, who value collaboration and the joy of watching others reach their potential but struggle with knowing the steps that it takes to get there.

Organizations, and more importantly, the world needs extraordinary leaders now more than ever yet new leaders rarely get the guidance they need to thrive. This five-part workshop series is hands-on and participatory. In each session, not only will the frameworks and ideas be introduced, but discussed and made real through personal examples from participants.

In the last module of this workshop, participants will be challenged to build their own leadership plan by taking everything that they’ve learned from the previous four workshops.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lovable Leader Framework
  • Goal setting, strategy development, and conflict resolution
  • Team building and leadership self-care
  • A One-Year Leadership Plan

Additional Takeaways

Over the course of the five workshops, participants will learn...

  • Understand the distinction between Leader and Boss
  • Learn and discuss the three lenses of leadership
  • What it means to choose leadership
  • The four circumstances where leaders must make a stand
  • Learn the difference between being liked and being loved
  • Learn various ways for showing that you care as a leader
  • How to internalize the commitment to care
  • The six-step process for sitting on the same side of the table
  • Discuss what it means to be honest and transparent as a leader
  • Identify what it means to take ownership and lead by example
  • Internalize the commitment to trust
  • Learn about the tactical responsibilities of a leader
  • Learn about the importance of psychological safety on teams
  • Learn and discuss the eight commitments of the team

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