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💥 Build The Company People Would Leave Their Job To Work For
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I'm looking for a handful of PERFECT clients

  • ‣ I'm not trying to build the next billion dollar company

  • ‣ I am not interested working with companies that only care about profits

I don't need to work with 50 clients or work with clients who see me as "just a vendor."

That's NOT what success looks like for me.

I want to work with amazing companies, that care about their customers, their employees, and are committed to making a positive impact in the world. After my MBA, I spent more than a decade working in social media and now I'm ready to show everyone how brand, leadership, culture, marketing, and sales, all intersect to create the opportunity to build a cohesive and successful business.

I do that in three ways...

"Some people wear a Superhero costume under their suit.
I wear a suit under my Superhero costume"

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