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About The Lovable Leader

Don't do it for me. Do it for your team. Do it for the world.

What is Lovable Leadership?

Lovable Leadership centers on the aspects of leadership that require emotional intelligence, empathy, humility, compassion, and trust. Amid all other externalities, these are the things we can control—how we relate to one another.

How this is different from other leadership books

We read leadership books because we want to achieve great things. The problem is that most leadership books are written by Fortune 100 CEOs for Fortune 500 CEOs. The truth is we need a leadership book for everyone else. This is that book.

Who this book is for

New Managers, but also anyone who would call themselves a leader. The book was written for anyone who wants to be part of a dramatic shift in our culture of work.

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Our society is in desperate need of new models of leadership, and The Lovable Leader is an incredible guide for emerging or current leaders to reach their fullest potential. It provides clear values, communication tips, conflict resolution scripts, and digestible psychology to create the care, trust, safety, and inclusion that’s the glue for creating work environments where we all thrive and achieve status-quo breaking goals. I recommend this book to any individual who wants to leave behind the destructive narratives of old school leadership to become a leader people love and are inspired by, not just in title, but in practice and purpose.

Christina Blacken Founder and Chief Narrative Strategist of The New Quo

The Lovable Leader is the book I wish every new manager read before their first day. Jeff Gibbard provides the complete set of tools that leaders need to build effective and collaborative teams, and the book is rich with both practical frameworks and clear examples. Unlike many leadership books that focus exclusively on goals and results, I appreciate how this book takes the time to highlight safety, care, trust, and inclusion as critical aspects of effective leadership.

Robbie Samuels Author of Small List, Big Results and Croissants vs. Bagels

The Lovable Leader is the leadership book that we really need. Not only does it address the responsibilities of leadership such as goal setting and strategy, but provides clear instructions about how to manage people, not as tools of the organization but as individuals worthy of care and respect. It’s the handbook every new manager should have on their desk.

Dorie Clark Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

This practical book is the missing manual for new leaders who want to become the kind of leaders they’ve loved—or wished they’d had. Jeff Gibbard shows us that the answer lies in being a part of your team, not above them.

Tamsen Webster Author, Find Your Red Thread

The Lovable Leader’ is a step-by-step playbook for helping new managers become the most effective leaders possible. Best of all, the plethora of lessons throughout the book are focused on how to be our best selves while leading others.

Mike Domitzr Author, Speaker, and Founder of Center For Respect

For new managers, it’s like having a personal go-to coach to help you and your teams reach your highest potential. The Lovable Leader isn’t just a book you’ll read, but an actionable guide filled with frameworks, wisdom, practical advice, and heart.

Angela Chee Keynote Speaker, Communication Coach, and Host of The Power Of The Only Podcast

Despite what you may think, The Lovable Leader is not for the faint of heart. Gibbard tackles the toughest aspects of leading people, and shows you how to handle them in a way that allows you to sleep at night. This is a great book for anyone in search of the missing leadership manual!

Marc Pitman CEO of The Concord Leadership Group & Author, The Surprising Gift of Doubt

In business, we’ve been debating how to get people motivated, how to keep teams connected, and how we can grow our business in a more human and sustainable way. The Lovable Leader brings it all together. Are trust, respect and kindness the future skills that will separate the good from great brands? Let’s hope so.

Mitch Joel Author, CTRL ALT Delete & Six Pixels of Separation

Part hug, part masterclass and part kick in the pants, The Lovable Leader is the only book new managers and aspiring leaders will ever need to up their game. If you’re serious about becoming a future leader who rocks hard and with heart, RUN and get it today!

Leslie Ehm Author, Swagger (WSJ & USA Today bestseller)

Jeff Gibbard is adding a key element to the leadership conversation, growing who we are as human beings. He pulls back the veil to clear up any confusion between leadership skill and leadership behavior, and shows us the mindset change needed to become great leaders. This book is ideal for leaders who recognize that being a great leader starts with accessing what makes us great humans.

Jeanette Bronee Care-Driven Leadership & Culture Strategist

Jeff hooked me within the first few pages by saying “Be worth following.” If you’ve ever wanted to build a great team, this should be required reading as Gibbard’s words not only set the tone, but also provide the path to make it so. Regardless of your leadership “status” being brand new to leadership or well seasoned, you will absolutely find action items that will benefit you and your team.

Doug Sandler Turnkey Podcast Production

Great companies have never been built on ‘command and control’ leadership. In The Lovable Leader, Jeff Gibbard shows us the new way. Whether you are new to leadership, or you’ve been leading teams for years, you need to read this book.

Laura Gassner Otting Washington Post Bestselling Author of Limitless

Build loyalty, resolve conflicts, and be admired and respected by your whole team. That’s not management. That’s leadership. Take the leap to lead and be loved. Read this book.

Ron Tite Author of Think Do Say: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy, Busy World

In a world full of leadership books, it’s refreshing and even enlightening to read a book that focuses not solely on what a leader needs to do, but who a leader needs to be and more importantly, who the people following need that leader to be. In simple, yet powerful terms, Jeff Gibbard provides multiple frameworks that help new and aspiring leaders can easily apply to their own lives to not only become better leaders, but better people. If you are a new leader or aspire to be on, read the book, implement the strategies and Be Worth Following.

Tony Chatman uthor of The Force Multiplier – How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins

How can we create organizations people never want to leave? It’s a question that I wrote an entire book about. Jeff Gibbard joins me in tackling this question by looking at a specific cohort: new managers. The Lovable Leader is a practical handbook with frameworks and examples that every new manager should pick up if they want to be the kind of leader who can build great teams without leaning on their implied authority.

Clint Pulver Emmy Award Winning Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author of I Love It Here


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