Well…From My Perspective

  • Jeff Gibbard
  • 1 min read

“I read, that….”

That doesn’t mean it’s true.

“I think, we need to…”

That doesn’t mean you’re right.

“Why should I have to…”

Stop and consider how your perspective might change if your circumstances changed.

We collectively spend way to much time in pursuit of being right and not enough time questioning our assumptions or thinking from another’s perspective.

As a result, we don’t vet our sources enough and instead search for data that supports what we already think. We miss the opportunity to seek out what we agree on and the work together to sort through the details. We put self-interest over self-sacrifice, more often than not.

We can do better and the first step is getting out of your own head and thinking about how your positions impact others…or don’t, there’s no right answer.

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