The Dent

  • Jeff Gibbard
  • 2 min read

“What is the dent you wish to make in the world?”

This is the question I ask people who I’m attempting to get to know better.

By nature of your existence in the world, you affect those around you. Even without trying or deliberate intention, you are still colliding with everything else in the world around you at all times.

  • The existence of your physical matter alters the path of matter as you move through the world.
  • Your words and ideas engage in a dance and occasionally a war with the words and ideas of those you encounter.
  • Your actions create ripples that can extend from a few feet and short moments to across the globe and into the distant future.

You are metaphorically making a dent in the world at all times. What I want to know is: what you want that dent to be?

I want to create a world with more superheroes. That means I plan to help people recognize and acknowledge the amazing abilities they already have. Then, I want to give them the tools to develop even more abilities. Then I want to challenge them to use those abilities to make a world that is kinder, safer, and more equitable.

If I do any of that just once, I’ve made a dent in the world.

Today, I want to know from you:

What is the dent you wish to make in the world?

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