How to help or support my work...

The question I have the most difficult time answering is: “what can I do to help you?” So, I decided to put together this page to help answer that question when I get all bashful and say “nothing, I’m fine.”

Here’s how to help…

I have a variety of different projects that I’m working on at all times.

Supporting me doesn’t just mean financial support, though it can. It can also mean encouragement, attention, feedback, or amplification. So, whether you hire me, subscribe to one of my channels, share one of my posts, or let me know that something I made resonated with you or helped you, I appreciate the help.

Here are 5 specific ways you can help me…

1. Buy something

The MOST important thing I’m working on right now, is my book The Lovable Leader. You can pick up a copy using any of the links below (Amazon preferred). after buying a copy, I’d love it if you left it a 5-star review on Amazon.

2. Help my Speaking Career grow


Hire me to speak, or recommend me to speak.


I speak about Leadership and Culture, Brand, Marketing, Sales, and unleashing your potential to become a superhero.


3. Help my Content reach more people


I put a lot of time and energy into content creation. It would mean so much to me if you would pay attention to what I’m creating and share what resonates with you.


Please consider becoming a subscriber. Here’s what I’d prefer your subscribe to:



I also love it when people reply to one of my newsletters with their thoughts and opinions.






4. Support my work as a Creator


Join Becoming Superhuman+



5. Say something nice


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