My 3 Words for 2013

Since 2006 Chris Brogan has been posting “3 words” that serve as a guide for the next year.  I’ve seen the post in the past, thought it was a good idea and moved on.  This year I’m taking it on myself because, much like strategy, it is often helpful to have a limited number of themes or ideas to fall back on when you get lost or need to reignite your passion.  This year my three words are…


Hungry means that I play each day as if I’m starving.  Hungry means that there is a deep ache inside me driving a survival instinct that causes me to take on a little bit more, fight for the extra yard, and keep going as if my survival depends on it.  In 2013, when you ask me, “how are you doing,”  I will respond with “Hungry!”


The curse of this profession is that the number of distractions is incalculable.  From new items in my home feed to notifications to that damned YouTube related videos section, it is tough to stay on track when the Internet is your workplace.  All of that changes this year.  It doesn’t change because it’s “wrong.”  It doesn’t change because it’s “easy” to not get distracted.  It changes because I’m “hungry” and when I’m hungry, I need to be focused.


Breakout means two things:

1. I’m going to breakout of my own limitations.  Limitations are so 2012.

2. I’m going to breakout from the pack.  There are plenty of other people doing what I do, run a Twitter search.

In order to breakout, I need to be hungry and focused.  I love Chris’ idea and I encourage you to set your themes for this year.

Your turn?

Don’t write mission statements or visions, just write three words.  Let them serve as themes for your year.  When you wake up and feel confused, drink a glass of water and remember your three themes.

What are your three words?




What do you think?

What did I miss? What did I get wrong? Help build this idea with me by leaving a comment below.

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