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Two Week Brand

A collaboration with Damn Good Brand

How long should it take to build a Brand?

While there are countless agencies out there who will take 6 months to run focus groups, define your Brand positioning, and chew through your time have you review hundreds of logo concepts, I know there’s an appetite for something more direct.

Yes, building a Brand takes time. You cannot be come synonymous with a term or an idea overnight. However, building your Brand strategy and designing your Brand identity, can happen much faster than you might imagine.

Partnering with Designer Jim Viola, we’ve designed a process for delivering an entire Brand Strategy and Visual Brand Identity in just two weeks. It’s a rigorous and methodical approach to defining the Brand that is fun, insightful, and direct.

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What's included..

Here’s what we deliver in two weeks…

Over the course of these two workshops, we clarify what Brand means and all of the ways it extends into your company. In these workshops, we gather information to be used in the construction of your Brand Strategy.
North Star Branding
☑︎ Brand Purpose
☑︎ Brand Promise
☑︎ Brand Positioning & Differentiation
☑︎ Brand Values
Brand Messaging
☑︎ Brand Mission Statement
☑︎ Brand Belief
☑︎ Brand Solution Statement
☑︎ Brand Context
☑︎ Brand One Liner
☑︎ Brand Themes
☑︎ Brand Value Propositions
☑︎ Brand Key Messages
☑︎ Proof Points
☑︎ Brand Story
Brand Voice
☑︎ Brand Archetype
☑︎ Brand Personality
Leadership & Culture Branding
☑︎ Employee Key Characteristics
☑︎ Employee Critical Actions
☑︎ Logos
☑︎ Fonts
☑︎ Colors
☑︎ Visual Brand Guidelines

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