You cannot afford to "wing it"

Whether you need a pitch to present in-person or a pitch you’re send via email, you need to to do more than present your marketing budget or “hockey stick” charts.

You might’ve been led to believe that all anyone cares about are your numbers. But, let’s be real. This is a pitch, not a homework assignment for accounting class. Besides, the economics model of the “rational man” is a myth. The truth is that we all make buying decisions based on emotion and then we rationalize our choice afterwards.

Yes, every good pitch must have numbers, but a great pitch is a story. You need to capture an investor or prospect’s imagination, show them how brilliant your idea really is, why now is the perfect time, and compel them to write a check on the spot.

I help you develop the narrative arc of your pitch, assemble a pitch deck for presenting or sending, and then, if you need it, coach you on how to absolutely nail the presentation.

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The 3 A's of Pitching


You cannot get someone to give you money, if you can’t even keep their attention.


You must have a reason for existing, a reason why NOW is the perfect time for what you are doing, and a batch of secret sauce that gives you an advantage worth investing in.


You should not be pitching your idea with a spreadsheet, yet that is what too many people do. Your job is to tell a story about your idea and how it fits into the world. Telling that story is an art, and if you can build tension and excitement, you can close the deal.

We will work together to craft your entire pitch from start to finish and then practice it. If you want to win the pitch, you need to keep their attention, have a strong angle, and keep them on the edge of their seat through the entire story arc.

At the end of our work, you will have a pitch deck with narrative structure that we have rehearsed.

Got stage fright? Having trouble combining passion, subject matter expertise, and persuasive speech? I can help.

I love pitching.

Whether we’re pitching/selling ice in Antarctica, Hemorrhoidal Cream, or Road Legal Tank Treads, I can deliver a pitch that inspires belief.

If you don’t know how much help you’ll need, you can get some pitch assistance by the hour. We can talk about the structure of your pitch, I can review your slides, or I can give you feedback as you rehearse your pitch.

For more information on hourly consulting, go here.

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