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Lovable Leadership

How do you become a Lovable Leader?

We all want to be great leaders. We want people who jump at the chance to follow us from company to company. We want teams who trust one another, care about each other, and achieve extraordinary results together.

Unfortunately for many leaders, getting to that point is often far-fetched since without training and a guiding framework, few leaders are even liked let alone beloved.

We all know the truth is just like the old saying goes “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.”

But if we change our leadership philosophy, and learn how to become lovable leaders, then people will not just stay at jobs, but they’ll stay with managers. We can build teams with trust, respect, and kindness. We can become great leaders. We can fundamentally change the culture of work. 

I work with leaders to install the lovable leader mindset, live the three pillars of lovable leadership, and master the art of sitting on the same side of the table.

What is Lovable Leadership?

 Lovable Leadership centers on the aspects of leadership that require emotional intelligence, empathy, humility, compassion, and trust. Amid all other externalities, these are the things we can control—how we relate to one another.

The consulting work we do together is based on my book The Lovable Leader: Build Great Teams with Trust, Respect, and Kindness. It is a handbook for new managers, but offers a complete guide to leadership including managing people, setting goals, and building strategy.

Learn more about The Lovable Leader: Build Great Teams with Trust, Respect, and Kindness

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