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When you're trying to get from point A to point B,
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He's a f***king genius. That's my testimonial. Jeff is a f**king genius! Can I just say that?

Joshua Abehsera - Founder/CEO, Wonderfield

Jeff is a breath of fresh air. The moment he walks into the room, my team and I are inspired. The ideas, creativity that flow from him are amazing, but he isn't just a wealth of creative ideas and information. He has an amazing ability to look at a situation, the specific dilemma we are trying to solve, the specific approach we are working through, and bring such amazing perspective.

Steve Robertson - CEO, Bold Education

He's a real superhero! I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff Gibbard for over a decade. Since first meeting him, I've always been impressed by his strategic mind, heartfelt leadership ability, and fun loving personality. He's a wealth of knowledge and genuinely passionate about helping others. As a leader, strategist and productivity wizard, Jeff has my highest recommendation.

Parchelle Tashi - CEO, The Author's Leverage