Heroic Coaching


One-on-One Coaching

If you’re here, it’s likely because you have a business, but something is missing.

Maybe you need accountability, maybe you need guidance, or maybe you don’t know what you need other than that you need help. You might be trying to figure out who you want to be in the market, who you want to be in the world, or maybe you just want to close some more sales.

Whichever the case, here’s why I’m the right coach to guide you through any of that.

After graduating my MBA in 2008, I started learning the hard way everything they leave out of a formal business education. In running an agency and now a solo consulting business, I’ve had to learn every aspect of building a business. But a lot of people could say the same thing.

What makes me unique are my superpowers.

I’ve had years of leading people and managing distributed teams. I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients and personalities. I’ve spoken with hundreds of guests as a podcast host. All of this has helped me to become an excellent listener. I have developed a knack for unearthing unspoken problems, probing for more information in a non-judgemental way, and identifying the critical issues.

My ADHD has gifted me with an extraordinary ability to see patterns, understand the design of complex systems, and craft simple strategies. I’m able to synthesize a tremendous amount of information and distill complicated and complex ideas into simple frameworks. 

I see potential in every person I meet. These are the superpowers I leverage as a coach to help people get where they want to go faster then they thought possible.

View the options below and choose your own adventure.

Pricing for

1-on-1 Coaching

3-month minimum

$2,000 USD Per Month
  • 60-minute Session
  • Session Recordings
  • Client Portal
  • Resources & Training
$1,000 USD Per Month
  • 60-minute Session
  • Session Recordings
  • Client Portal
  • Resources & Training
$500 USD Per Month
  • 60-minute Session
  • Session Recordings
  • Client Portal
  • Resources & Training

Heroic Coaching Process​

Every coaching client is referred to by a Superhero name of their choosing.

Each coaching session is a self-contained narrative.

Prior to each session, the superheroes are required to fill out “The Story Arc.” This creates the narrative frame for the session.

What is on your mind?

What is the most important challenge for you right now?
🤔 Is it about a Project, a Person, or a Pattern of behavior?

What kind of coaching are you hoping for in this session?

    • Performance Coaching: I’m looking to improve my performance and need help solving a specific problem or overcoming a specific challenge.
    • Development Coaching: I am looking to learn, grow, or develop in some way.

What was your top priority since our last session and how did it go?

Additional Info:

Unless you’re a cookie, you don’t want to be shoved into a box.
  • Yes, I have a curriculum, if you want it.
  • But, that isn’t what you want, is it?
  • You don’t want me to tell you where to go, do you?
  • You want to tell me where you want to go, don’t you?
There is not one path.
There is not even the right path.
There is only your path.

Each session, you set the agenda. There’s no set “curriculum” because life moves fast. How often will you know what you will need help with 6 weeks from now?

This is YOUR adventure, YOU should choose it.

As a coach and I’m here to facilitate your story arc…not mine. I bring everything to every call and meeting. I don’t hold anything back. It is my sole purpose to empower you to fulfill your life’s mission and so long as that makes a positive impact on the world, I’m in. I will give you the strategies, resources, tools, and motivation to do what you are willing to work for. We will cover all aspects of your business from:
  • How you make money
  • How you show up as a leader
  • How you build an extraordinary culture
  • How you message and market yourself
  • How you sell
We’ll get to know one another, we’ll work on your mindset, your processes, and I’ll push you to learn and grow more than you have in your entire life. This is what I do. I empower Superheroes.

Dozens of ideas, strategies you can implement right away, and a coach who pushes you to blast through your current limits.

This is guaranteed to be a high-energy, high idea generating time just for you and what you need at this moment. We meet on Zoom and everything is recorded. After our session you’ll get the recordings, notes, and tasks all inside your customized client portal, so you can take action on what we discussed.

If you’ve ever had coaching before, you’ll know that this is unconventional and you may be unaccustomed to being this well taken care of and guided. This is the type of coaching that is designed entirely around making sure YOU have what YOU need now.

There is always someone who swears to have the answer, the secret, the key.

The world is full of off-the-shelf, turn-key solutions and as a business, I’m encouraged to sell you THE answer. I’m incentivized to market myself as the only one with access to the single coaching curriculum that will solve all of your problems.

That’s not what I sell.

Here’s the truth…

That silver bullet does not exist.

It is fiction, far beyond what any comic book can offer you.

With me, you are hiring someone who hold you accountable and challenge you to surprise yourself. There are no easy answers, only work to be done.