Strategist || Speaker || Blogger & Podcaster


I live and breathe social media. Google+. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Whatever innovation is next. I thrive on analyzing what’s best for a business need and then teaching others how to use these tools to meet their specific goals–whether through my direct work with clients, through my blog, through speaking engagements, or through every day encounters with people.

You see, I believe that rather than keeping people apart, used well, social media actually tears down walls, builds community, and provides solutions.  And the knowledge that I can contribute to this result inspires my work day in and day out.


I speak the language of business. I use social media strategically to accomplish business goals—not the other way around.  Before founding True Voice Media, I earned my MBA, was a social media marketing strategist, and director of a social media practice group.  I’m a living example of setting your mind to something, and achieving it, and that’s what I want for my clients as well.



I listen to and love being with people. I’m enlivened by the energy that’s created by engaging with others and the opportunity for personal growth. It’s natural that I’d gravitate toward and specialize in social media, as it’s constantly evolving, and well…social.

My company is founded on the belief that there’s an exciting new paradigm of customer engagement in business: customers now have access to information, and at the same time, they can mold it, contribute to it, and participate in it.  And the business that really understands this and views its customers as partners in this conversation, rather  than  bystanders, or worse, adversaries, is the business that’s  going to thrive.


How I’m Different.

I founded True Voice Media to enable businesses to successfully use social media with the foundation of honesty, openness, authenticity, and unapologetic realness. Whatever that is for your business–that’s your True Voice.  And when you use and integrate your True Voice with social media, you end up doing what you love, leaving your customers delighted, and producing the results you want. That’s what True Voice Media—and I—am all about. Many people come to a Social Media strategist for specific outcomes such as getting more “likes” or followers. But these cannot be ends in themselves.  They may be part of a strategy, but without a well-thought out and carefully constructed approach, these “results” don’t make any difference at all. And that’s what I coach you in. You won’t be using these tools haphazardly or without purpose. Instead, we’ll be selecting the most appropriate tools for YOUR goals, setting the process in motion, and guiding you every step of the way.